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Use Twitter to Plan Your Wedding

Have you tweeted before ??

Do you have any idea what I'm even talking about ??

is tweeting what you're doing on Twitter in 140 characters or less when you answer the basic question: "What are you doing?" That's a lot of fun. Twitter is the latest and greatest in social networking and family with brothers and sisters such as Facebook, MySpace and connected is definitely making some waves.

Twitter is a micro-blog where you can share resources, links, chat with new and old friends and really learn about what is happening in the world right when it happens .... Including the latest and greatest in wedding trends.

Big Wedding Ideas on Twitter

wedding industry has taken Twitter by storm and large, free resources are shared wedding tweeters. Wedding planners (like me) are on Twitter talking about common wedding mishaps and how to solve them, we also talk about the latest colors and how to remove certain elements of event design. There are tons of photographers sharing the new album is really neat ideas and links to your best shots. Call vendors are flocking to Twitter to share their latest designs. Celebrity cake designers are sharing their cake making experience with the addition of eggs to the final sugar flower.

So much for the wedding information on Twitter you are missing out on if you're not part of this community.

When I went to New York wedding dress shopping with one of my bride, I tweeted the whole experience.

Here is just one example of my tweeting:

@ CiaraDaykin a sign Ingram bridal atelier-they just give us a shot for the TV-my bride is stunning!

If you love all the wedding and wants to be in the inner circle of what is happening in the world of weddings, Twitter is the place to be.

Are the bride and groom really on Twitter?

Not only the bride and groom on Twitter ... This is how they getting engaged! Check out these two commitments:

"@ stefsull -. Ok for the rest of the Twitter universe (and this is the first, people) - Will you marry ME ?"

Sullivan's response: "@ garage - OMG - Ummmmm ... I think the whole Twitter-verse I'll say - I would gladly spend the rest of your life monster with you."

and ...

Max Kiesler's sweet tweet at 03:13 Thursday: "The @ emilychang - After fifteen years of blissful happiness I would like to ask for hand in marriage ?"

Emily Chang is an answer, a minute later: "@ maxkiesler - Yes, I do not ."

Would you live your Twitter wedding?

Twitter is also a way to share your wedding to the world of live tweeting your wedding or one of your guests to do. This is a online memory and can keep a family that can not be updated with live updates on what's happening. So, have fun! @ JBagley did it! (check out a picture of their wedding food)

Ciara's Bridal Tips

Get hooked up with Twitter and start me on then you can look through, which is after me and who I am following and add people who are interested in hearing more about it. If you are looking for the most up to date wedding trends and resources, is a live Twitter feed is really cool wedding information when you right after the wedding people. Do not forget to tweet yourself and tell us how your wedding planning is going.

Google Places - Every Business Needs To Be There

There is no doubt that more and more people using the internet to find products, services and local suppliers. Google Places literally puts local businesses on a map (Google map). People can find local suppliers and work to come when business is listed in Google mjesta.Informacijama which should include information on nearby parking places and if your business has a parking lot, then you should see the upturn in business, if you have listed in Google Sites.

If you own a local business, you may not have realized how important it is to be on the list now. People use search engines to find what's available in your area may be more to the old Yellow Pages directories.

is easy to be in place, all you have to do is visit the official site and find the Google Sites page and then select "Add a new job," fill out the form and wait for your address or landline phone number to be confirmed. You are or will be sent a postcard, so you can verify the address or you will receive a phone call to confirm the number of its office space, and you will be added to the online catalog.

If you have an on-line arm of your business you can expect to see an increase in traffic and your customers need to increase both in your area, as well as online if you have the online marketing side of your business. If you do not have an online presence, you should consider getting a web site with your actual physical space. Online marketing is the way to go if you want to see an increase in sales, was delighted at the local, national or international level.

With the boom in mobile marketing, people who visited their area will be advised of the existence, if you advertise your business and will be easily found on Google map. Perhaps unfortunately you can not afford (literally) to ignore the power of online advertising. However, you May be happy to know that customers want to have personal communication with service providers and this is where small local businesses can outshine online marketingu.Osobni touch is still revered and people are still wary of shopping online because of identity theft threats and opportunities that credit card and bank account information they can get into the wrong hands. When more people know about your business, as they will, if you are listed on Google sites, they will pay a personal visit and see what you have to offer. If you've noticed more customers to visit your competitor's store and wondered why this happens, check online and see if they have a list. You need to keep pace with market trends and do the same as your business competitors.

It can also have a page on Google + new social network site, because it will make you noticed too. If you want to climb to number one position in the points, ask your existing customers to review your online business, and ratings will help you increase your ranking in the index page.

Whatever you do, you can not ignore the value of having a highly ranked site in Google Sites.

Microsoft Office 365 - Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of It

if your job consists of 5 employees who work from small offices and employs 500 people in the country, Microsoft Office 365 is a service that can be used. It provides cloud services that can reduce costs and provide the right tools for the right employee at the right time. This allows you and your employees work from virtually anywhere and on most devices, while you maintain control.

Let's look at some of the practical features of Office 365 has to offer:

e-mail and calendar functions : In step with your and your employees' schedules and important events in motion is of vital importance. Office 365 provides access to calendar information from anywhere and on virtually any device. It will also simplify the planning, allowing you to see your and your colleagues on the availability and meeting time / date suggestions alongside the calendar. Each user also has a 25GB cartridge that can be used in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007. And do not be afraid, everything is protected by Microsoft Forefront for Exchange Online Protection, which filters out unwanted items and protect your company's security.

Office Web Apps : Office Web Apps are like little helpers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents. This gives you the ability to access, view and edit documents, all in one place in your web browser. You can even edit Excel and OneNote documents in real time with your colleagues like giant dry erase board. It also allows you to view all your files from any mobile device, and ensure that all colleagues will see the document in the same format as you.

web site and Cooperation with employees using different computers, often moving, and sometimes in different places, it is imperative that there is no simple way to share documents, access , contacts and calendars. Office 365 is concerned that allowing these things to be shared easily. You are able to save the small and large files on a password protected web pages and access files on their mobile device through SharePoint. You can also design a professional looking website with Office 365 and maintain your web site needs to be some great tools such as:. Inventory management, product catalogs, customer records

IM and online meetings : Just stay connected with all matters properly run the business. With Office 365, you can easily find and connect with the right person, IM, video chat, and even hold online meetings. Meeting presentations, even the simple, allowing you to share your desktop and have an on-line panels.

Microsoft Office 365 is incredibly affordable and offers plans starting at only $ 4 per user per month up to 25 users, and $ 6.50 per month per user for 25 + users. You can sign up for the beta version today!

Just Who Is Steve Jobs?

Since his death in 5th October 2011, the media is just , which is Steve Jobs ? recognition and praise for this man came from everyone from President Obama to be a competitor Bill Gates and other people from government, technology and the business. To hear these people say that man was nothing less than a super hero technological giant.

The truth is that as each of us, Steve Jobs is many things to many ljude.Brižan and attentive to their adoptive son, brother, close to his biological sister Mona Simpson, husband and loving father to his wife and children, Laurene Erin , E., Reed, Lisa, demanding employer, trusted advisor, friend and rival to others in the computer industry, a savvy businessman who has had the ability to think outside the box. Please still in question , which Steve Jobs is the and the type of mark for generations to come.

For millions of Americans and others around the world is just another billionaire, whose life had little to do with their own. In this thinking, they could not be more wrong. This man and his innovative thinking and the tireless dedication managed to touch the lives of almost every man, woman and child in the world.

Until now, most people have heard at least some versions of the story that was in the 1970 Jobs dropped out of college and his friend Steve Wozniacki and another began building and selling personal computers from their garages and that those computers are some of the first successful personal computer to hit the market and how the computers of the formation of Apple computer. This led to the beginning of the computer revolution that would sweep the world and make jobs a millionaire before he reached the age of 30 years.

He left the company in 1985 only to return in 1996 and became director of the face of Apple and the driving force behind the array of technological equipment, such as iPad and iPhone. Download the field and becomes light years ahead of the competition in the niche Tablet PC.

for jobs, work is not finished with computers was the CEO of Pixar the company that produced Toy Story, and when Walt Disney World Company bought Pixar has become the largest shareholder of Disney stock.

diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003, Jobs continued his tireless work with Apple pushing for more and more innovation. It took six months leave from the company's January-June 2009 to deal with health issues, but returned at the head of the company he loved and that is poured out their sweat for most of his adult life, where he continued as director until a few weeks before his death, stepping down as head of the company but remain on the board.

in the coming months, when people read a biography of this man will reveal that he was just an ordinary man who was perhaps a little dreamer and had the determination to make their dreams and encouraged others to make them come true as well. He was in many ways, living proof that the American dream is still alive, and that through hard work, dedication, and pure stubbornness can accomplish what seems impossible.

Steve Jobs is simply a man who has grit and determination to be his dream come true, and so changed the lives and future of millions of people around the world. Learn more about this and what properties it can help you with your own life.

Apple Cider Crockpot and Slow Cooker Meals - Stew and Corned Beef and Cabbage

Are you looking for something different to in the crockpot or slow cooker? You might want to add something new to your family meals. Why not add a slightly different taste to your slow cooker and crockpot meals with Apple Cider? Try these recipes for Apple cider stew spiced cider and corned beef and cabbage and have your family asking what your secret sastojak.Usoljena beef dish is meat, vegetables and fruits, all in jednom.Paprikaš also contains meat and vegetables, beef stew potatoes, carrots , onions, celery and apples as well. This makes the recipes easy to convert into a full meal is very simple. What could be better for the busy cook?

corned beef spiced cider
3 medium onions, sliced
1 small head cabbage, cut into wedges
1 (3-4 lb) corned beef chest
1 cup apple cider
1 / 4 cup packed brown sugar
2 teaspoons grated orange peel
2 teaspoons yellow mustard
6 whole cloves
1 jar (14 oz) spiced apple rings

Place the onion and cabbage slowcooker or crockpot. Trim excess fat from the breast and place on top of vegetables.

in a bowl, stir together apple cider, brown sugar, orange peel, mustard and cloves, pour over the meat. Put the lid on the pot and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours.

To serve, remove to serving platter and garnish with apple rings.

Yield: 6 to 8 servings

apple cider stew
2 pounds beef stew meat
3 tablespoons canola oil
3 tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons salt
1 / 4 tsp thyme
1 / 4 tsp black pepper
4 carrots, chopped
3 potatoes, peeled and chopped
2 onions, sliced
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 apple, chopped
2 cups apple cider
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 / 2 cup water
1 / 4 cup flour

in a pan or large skillet brown the meat in canola oil. Drain excess fat. Combine 3 tablespoons flour, salt, thyme and black pepper. Toss roasted meat in the flour mixture to coat. Place carrots, potatoes, onions, celery and apples in the oven. Put the meat in the vegetable. Combine apple cider vinegar and pour over meat. Place lid on cooker and cook on low 10-12 hours.

Turn cooker to high setting. Mix cold water 1 / 4 cup flour until smooth. Stir gently into the stew. Replace lid and cook for another 15 minutes until thickened.

Yield:. 8 servings


The Windows 8 Operating System

Now Microsoft has released Windows 7, it is time to focus on Windows 8 Microsoft always starts working on the next operating system as soon as one is released. In Microsoft Windows 8, the user interface will be completely changed.

be a new operating system called Midori, but there is no confirmation at this point what the actual name is going to be. At this point, it is referred to as the operating system Windows 8

Window Operating System 8 is currently scheduled to be released by the end of 2011 or early 2012. Basically it is two to three years after publication of the current operating system is Windows 7 It is likely, however, that Microsoft will ship a new Windows8 before the 2011th

At this point, it's not quite know what will be included in the Windows operating system 8.Windows team announced some features that will be included, but not all. The actual list will be completed in late 2010 when Microsoft will probably announce the first beta version available to the public.

Currently, the Windows operating systems run on both 32-bit or 64-bit. It is too cumbersome for software developers to maintain two processors codes. It is rumored that the operating system Windows 8 will be offered in 64-bit and 128-bit versions as well. Almost every modern processor supports 64-bit computing. Many people hope that the 32-bit support will be dropped from Windows 8 However, it probably will not happen. By the time Windows 8 ready to run, the price of 128-bit chips will still be too expensive for the average consumer to buy. Most likely, the 128-bit processors will be used only in Windows 8 server.

Also, at this time, computer users would not get any use of 128-bit support. There will not be any software written for it for many years, as now, most of it is still only written to support 32-bit. Full 64-bit software only supports it's just now starting to appear and does not provide additional benefits for the average computer user or computer players.

Another potential new feature of Windows 8 will be a new Hibernate / Resume engines. This means that the computer will have even faster hibernation and restart times than currently available.

In addition, Windows 8 will also have a new network and security features built in. It is possible that the new operating system will have a new PatchGuard system that stops the virus from changing system files. This feature has not been released in Windows 7

It will be better MultiMonitor support. Many computer users today use two monitors to better multitask. It is also rumored to even be supportive and May for three or more displays.

He also said that Windows 8 will run on what is called the ARM chip, which is what is commonly used in smartphones. With this type of chip, it is possible that the mobile version of Windows may be available. It could be run at much lower system specifications than those currently on PCs needed.

a new operating system will also have what is called the DFSR service or a distributed file system replication. This feature will be used in Windows Server 8th This is a motor system folder, which will allow the synchronization folders on multiple servers.

Many computer users are very excited about the release of the Windows operating system Windows 7 8 because it is basically an upgrade to Vista. Windows 8 is scheduled to open a whole new world compared to the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Apple Launches iPhone 4S: Pros and Cons?

This week saw the public launch event iPhone 4S, which was quite a shock to those who have been waiting for the iPhone 5th Many Apple fans had waited 18 months for this, but instead presented an updated version of the iPhone 4

So, is it worth the wait? We take a moment to review the changes that Apple made ​​the iPhone 4 handsets, and if the new version improves on it.

  • professionals

iPhone 4S benefit from a dual core processor A5, which means that the increased brzinu.Telefon also features increased memory of 64 GB, which is the highest capacity smartphone on the market today.

4S iPhone uses an improved antenna system, which automatically switches between the two antennas. It helps users to find the best signal possible.

for the iPhone camera is capable of recording 8MP photos and record 1080p video.Kamera is also more accessible as can come from locking the screen.

, however, the main addition is a new automated control system of voice, which is called "spreads". Siri can finish speaking tasks from the user. For example, a user can say, "What the weather will be like today?" and Siri would answer "It will be rainy today and the average temperature will be 16 degrees ".

  • cons

One of the major disadvantages of the new handsets that suffers from a shorter lifespan baterije.IPhone 4 has a battery life of 300 hours, while the new iPhone 4S can only last for 200 hours.

screen is also a problem for some users. At only 3.5 inches, 4S iPhone screen feels a little small compared to other Android phones.

In general, it seems that most users are satisfied with the superior hardware, but may still be waiting for significant changes.

When a new model becomes available in the market for accessories is becoming crowded. Users can compensate for a shorter battery life for iPhone 4S investing in iPhone 4S charger.

is busy in the market means that users should prepare and buy equipment, as it can prevent damage zaslona.Zaslon protector is highly respected, if the phone is dropped.

To summarize, the new model has some obstacles, such as battery life and screen size, but Apple still aim for veličinu.Estetski can be very different, but the advances in hardware and the addition of Siri, according to Apple iPhone to get ahead -thinking phone.

iPhone and iPad Application Development - Designing App Icons

2010 saw a sharp rise in the market iOS mobile devices. There is an astronomical growth in sales and iPads.Store Apple iPhone application is available directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod devices that run on IOS.

When any iOS designer submits a mobile application, he / she is also filed along with an icon of icons njom.Proces could eat a little time, but his back is nice too.

There are different icons, each of which has different sizes and used for a particular purpose. There are different devices that run IOS. This implies that the application designer to know what kind of icons that will be used when and how.

Icon size for the iPhone / iPod application:
The icon size for the application, iPhone 4, App Store, Spotlight search, and iPhone 4 floodlights 57x57px, 114x114px, 512x512px, 29x29px and 58x58px respectively.

There are many variations on the icon sizes for iPhone applications. The size of the official application icon that is displayed on the home screen, users 57x57px. More resolution is also supported by the iPhone 4, so it's better to have icons with size 114x114px, although not required.

the greatest icons of the recommended size is 512 x 512px. This icon is pretty big. This icon is meant by what shows through the App Store, and when the visitor is browsing applications in Cover mode. When you start a new icon design using Photoshop is better to start at the beginning of 512px, and then slowly decreasing scale.

icon with a little smaller in size 29 × 29px are supported for the Spotlight pretraživanje.IPhone 4 has a screen with higher resolution and therefore the size of icons spotlight the search must be 58 × 58px.

Icon size for the iPad application:
Icon-sized iPad applications, App Store, Spotlight search, and settings are 72x72px, 512x512px, 50x50px and 29x29px respectively.

touchscreen iPad is relatively larger than the iPhone or iPod. This allows the application icon to be a little higher. This is 72x72px. App Store icon size that is 512x512px is the same as in the case iPhone.Veličina icon for Spotlight Search 50x50px.Ikona 29x29px sizes can be used as the setting icon.

small icon will be displayed with the card if the settings page has been created within the general functionality of IOS. This allows the inclusion of different user names and accounts and change the theme previše.Manjih or less of applications can also be fiddled with because of the arrangement.

Application Developer should also be noted that applications that provide the icons in PNG files are only accepted the Apple App Store.

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T-Mobile Prepaid Blackberry Plans Unveiled

T-Mobile will now offer prepaid BlackBerry plans as part of their pay as you go deals. Many people these days are starting to see the benefits of using prepaid phone plans. Of course, in the past, these types of plans have actually been in the spotlight and are seen by some as a "small" plans only deemed worthy for those who could not qualify for a contract based on post-paid cell phone plans. You know, those with two years of the contract and the heavy fees for early termination. Things were quite far away and now T-Mobile has announced it will issue a prepaid plan in which subscribers can use the BlackBerry phones.

It is just a stone's economy changed people's perception of what is a viable cell phone option. Add to changing feelings of consumers trying to reduce the bills of some amazing and aggressive affordable prepaid mobile phone plans from several different providers, and the environment in which you have prepaid cell phones is very hot.

T-Mobile has announced plans for a prepaid Blackberry, which was first popular cult smartphone is available on a prepaid plan in the United States. Indeed, it is a day for the Blackberry fans to rejoice. As the prepaid plans come in significance as a result of use, freedom and cost savings they provide to customers, more and more opportunities are provided. This edition of the T-Mobile prepaid Blackberry plan comes just before the holidays, and is intended to boost sales and get handsets to T-Mobile subscribers.

plans fall under the banner of T-Mobile Complete . Various mobile phones are available with planovima.BlackBerry Curve 8250 is one such phone. It retails for $ 299. Other Samsung phones are also offered in this area. The service starts at $ 59 for unlimited voice and text. For additional unlimited surfing, the plan goes up to a higher fee. This is good news for BlackBerry fans out there who simply could not bring to sign up for two years of the contract.

what we see here is not only a wise marketing plan to put on T-Mobile, but the industry shift to more prepaid options. As time passes, there will be many more prepaid offer is available for almost any circumstances. Looking back at how the industry changed since just January 2009, it is clear that major changes are happening and will continue.

T-Mobile has recently made ​​some changes to your prepaid cell phone plans. for a long time there was something in development called "Project Dark." Many fans of T-Mobile have been waiting for the real details of the project in a dark T-Mobile to be released. Unfortunately, after all the excitement and the time involved in the development stage, some people are overwhelmed by what he discovered.

It is clear, however, that T-Mobile is making great strides in a prepaid wireless landscape will continue to be a player as the future of telecommunications takes place.

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Improve Online Searches With Twitter Tools

Birds Snap comes in search of a slightly different perspective. You can access the public timeline, but you can search for any user twitter stream as well as your favorites, you mentioned Tweets and direct messages. Snap Bird stands out as one of the best free Twitter tools to search back more than 10 days, which is the limit at Twitter Search.

Summizer tool Twitter search for iPhone with a clean interface. It scans the Twitter stream in real time and automatically update your saved searches. Summizer uses the same advanced subjects Twitter search, so you can scroll to the information you want. Foreign language tweets have been translated and you can share your searches Twitter and e-mail.

TweetSaver allows you to search back through your tweets. If you open the tweet, you can tag and share. Tags appear in the label, so you can further refine your search. Click the share and increase productivity by sending a tweet to one of your social media plan sučelja.Bez 3200 stores the latest tweets. If you need more storage space than that, the premium plans are available, with discounts for tweeting about TweetSaver.

Trendistic to search tweets by date and time. Enter a search term and select the last day of the week. To refine your search you can click on the day. This program is somewhat limited, but if you want to drill down by the time the tweet, it's a handy tool to have.

All desktop clients provide some sort of search feature, but not everyone wants to bother with the dashboard. If all you want is a quick search, here are some of the best (and often free) Twitter search tools to get the job done.

Xbox Live Membership and Microsoft Points

The Gamerscore, and what does it do?

Players can keep track of developments through a system that measures the number of points with Xbox Live profile. These points are called Gamerscore, and measures are in Him. These points are awarded for things such as level of completion, outstanding performance, completing game objectives or beat other players in online matches.

Xbox 360 games offer up to 1,000 g for full title, while taking on Xbox Live Arcade games offer up to 250g. Microsoft implements policies that determine the standardized amount of Gamerscore player is able to accumulate in a particular game. Full featured disk based games must have 1000 Gamerscore points in the game, with up to 250 more Gamerscore points as possible each quarter with the expansion packs or downloadable content. Free or paid games available on Xbox Live Arcade may contain up to 200 Gamerscore points, with another 50 available in the downloadable content.

Gamerscore made ​​its debut on Windows-based gaming machines in 2007 2.Igre Halo for Windows program works in a similar way to Xbox Live on Xbox 360, in that achievement with the corresponding Gamerscore points earnings can be accumulated by players .

Gamerscore system has created for itself a niche on the web with their code and on-line questions and guide. Various websites entirely dedicated to providing tips and tricks for achieving Gamerscore points there, and founded cheat code and FAQ pages offer separate areas of their web site for Gamerscore tips and tricks.

Gamerscore proved such a success that the people who wanted to Gamerscore points accumulated through illegal means began to appear. In 2008, the network wide campaign to crack down on this file is executed. Players guilty of accumulating Gamerscore points through illegal or otherwise distasteful way Gamerscore have been reduced to zero, and were not allowed to return more Gamerscore points over the life of your Xbox Live account. "Filed" mark is also stamped on their Gamertag, so that players would be careful of a player every time he or she joined the multiplayer game. Microsoft Points

currency in Xbox Live Marketplace and Games for Windows Live Marketplace, called Microsoft Points. These Microsoft points are also extended to the Windows Live Gallery and Zune online stores. This scoring system allows users to purchase additional game content and other downloadable products are available within the online market without using a credit card. While some are taking as they are full version games and downloadable content costs Microsoft points, a game available on Xbox Live Marketplace are free.

Microsoft points available in the form of prepaid cards, as well as retail and convenience stores. Microsoft Points cards contain a code that is used for a variety of purchase is fixed denominations of Microsoft points, depending on the price paid and the state or region player lives in. These cards can only be used once and could expire if not used after a fixed amount of time. Microsoft Points cards only redeemable in the region are sold in.

Microsoft Points are used to buy games, extensions, Gamertag customization options, and other downloadable content. Users can also buy videos and television episodes from the marketplace, and useful for other services using Microsoft points such as the Zune Marketplace, where you may be able to download music and videos.

Xbox Live Memberships

There are two levels of membership offered for the Xbox Live service: gold and silver. These accounts offer a variety of Xbox 360 users access to different features at different price levels, depending on the type of membership.

free Silver membership provides the basic functions of on-line as possible, by creating a unique game ID and profile on the Xbox Live network. You are also able to create and maintain a list of friends and friends you meet online. Also, given access to Xbox Live Marketplace will be able to download demos, games and customization options for the Gamertag. Silver This member does not, however, provide for on-line fees for some games that require such.

Gold membership includes all the perks of Silver membership and provides the user the ability to play online with other Xbox Live Gold members. Gold members also get access to exclusive Xbox Live Marketplace content. However, Gold membership comes at prices ranging from £ 8.99 a month membership with up to £ 39.99 for a year, but discounts and opportunities can be found on various third party websites.

Xbox Live Gold membership can be purchased with a credit card or via subscription card or Microsoft points from retailers or convenience stores. Subscription and Microsoft Points cards containing codes redeemable by the user enters its Xbox Live screen.

Think Different (Who Was Steve Jobs?)

realize that it is not about to judge his behavior, nor would I ever pretend to say that I knew. I can only comment on what he wrote or was quoted as saying, and what others wrote about him. My sources made ​​it watched and listened to his speech beginning of class 2005 at Stanford University, and to some extent, his appearances on television during the launch of new products or new product innovation.

time is limited, so do not waste it living someone else's life ~ Steve Jobs

Coincidentally, I was able to highlight their fight to stay alive and emotionally and physically because of their long struggle and near-death experience, which ultimately ended when I got a double lung transplant. I also live with the realization of all these years, as he did too, that my time, like his, is limited.

This is why the above quote, attributed to Steve, resonates so well and so deeply to me. I was there and personally I think is very lucky to still be here.

Finally, and why I chose to focus on what I call my philosophy of life, because he was very genuine when he said what he did and, perhaps more importantly, lived that way myself. And as it turned out, I just happen to agree with most of what he had to say about this topic. This is consistent and compatible with the message I always tried to convey through my coaching.

of his personality

Unquestionably, we know that he was a visionary par excellence. He communicated a strong intuitive personality traits or primary intuitor style, "making associations, to realize that the yield of the novel" big picture "of the situation, the free flow of creative ideas, conceiving, designing,. Inducing Intuitors place high value on ideas, innovation, concepts, theories, and long-range thinking. They tend to derive their greatest satisfaction from the world of possibilities ."

of his achievements with Apple in particular to speak to that. It was also stated that:
"have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become, everything else is secondary, the confidence to follow your heart, find what you love, love what you do", which communicates not only intuitive personality style, but maybe even a little romantic.

Steve Jobs is a private man. Although presented as a very charismatic, especially when getting up to promote new and innovative Apple product was an introvert.

We know that he used the word 'love' when he described a series of what he felt were important aspects of how to live your life. We also understand that he appreciates and cares deeply for his family, his wife and four children. These behaviors and traits are associated with a tendency toward this measurement ". Metering is an individual who places a high value on human interaction he / she seeks and enjoys encouraging contact with others and usually tries to understand and analyze their own emotions and those of others. Caring for people and they understand, usually her / him very tricky to 'read between the lines "of what people say and do." However, it seems the best of his "measuring" is limited to his family and perhaps close friends, but not their colleagues and employees at Apple.

He was passionate, demanding, stubborn, and at times unforgiving. But he had the ability to move, to take action to move your ideas forward, and support others in doing the same. It says that Steve is action oriented and Senser, "tend to feel the reality of work and to emphasize the convenience of communication about the reality ."

to summarize what I believe is his style preference and associated back-up styles, I will say that he is strong intuitor, with back-up or secondary styles Senser and measurement. The fourth style, the thinker, who rounded Carl Jung's theory of styles, it is difficult for me to place with Steve. But, having said that, I am going to place his scholar fourth. Of course, he was a thinker. We have all the characteristics of a thinker, but the styles theory, it's all a matter of proportions. My 'thoughts' that was once thoroughly Steve came to the conclusion that his idea could work, he would over his technically skilled employees to work on details. This characteristic is associated with the thinker style.


In 2005, little more than a year after first being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs speaking at Stanford University was the beginning of the ceremony. It would be incomplete to say that a few pearls of wisdom in what he had to say graduates. I touched on a few of them earlier when discussing his personality, but I would like to focus on what we have had to say about "our time on earth." I think this message is very important for us all, especially one that resonates with me. It is, in point of fact, consistent part of my strategic approach to personal coaching.

Your time is limited

is the first of four points from Steve Jobs,

1 Do not waste (your life) living someone else's life.

His place here, it is important to ask: "What are you doing with your time? How well do you know, what is your life purpose, and what are you doing to fulfill that purpose ?"

can determine the answer to how effectively you have to some extent, by examining the level of stress you may be experiencing in your life. How much stress are you feeling, physically, cognitively and behavior? As I have said many times before it comes to compatibility with the essential nature of who you are.

2 Do not be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people thought.

It is important to learn from what others have to learn. Otherwise, for example, why should you listen to and believe in what Steve Jobs had to say? The important point he makes is that once you have collected an adequate amount of information (to specify how much), and then form your opinion. Make sure that the opinion is consistent with where you meet like you. Otherwise, you're inviting trouble into your life. But always remain open to new ideas.

3 Do not let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.

This point is pretty much a continuation of the previous explanations. Listen, but do not let your inner voice be compromised. Hold on to yourself, your identity and your truth, regardless of aggression that exists in the world in many forms. When and if you must, be persistent and state your truth.

4 Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

This last point is a little tricky. Steve Jobs was easy to make this statement because it is consistent with them, intuitor (see personality). But what about all the tentacles, and sensers thinkers in the world? My point here is that I agree with most comments. However, depending on one primary style of communication or relations in the world, it all boils down to how one approaches these claims.

I do not agree at all that everything else is secondary. Life, as we all know, is only slightly more complicated than that. What I mean is, that implements a dream at the expense of everything else, it suggests a very selfish, egotistical approach to life. That may be true Steve could consider before making that statement. We all know that we are social beings and that we need meaningful relationships in our lives. To ignore those relationships in order to indulge our passion is unbalanced and unhealthy for all concerned. I'm not saying that you have to sacrifice your dreams, but you have to balance your self in the dimensions of life (at work, away from work, alone, with others ).

Stay hungry, Stay foolish.
'The whole earth catalog,'


Free iPad Puzzle App - Apple Life

Apple has a life and other elements of the game or bonus elements such as baskets, baskets Group and Apple bombs. These elements are quite challenging and purchased with the points you earn as you progress in igru.Košare can eliminate the red apple, when tapped on while a group of baskets can eliminate the apples that are available in vertical and horizontal positions reda.Apple Bombs are ideal for efficient game as as to eliminate all the apples when tapped. You can buy up to 100 baskets, 40 groups and 20 baskets Apple bombs through the in-app purchases.

Privacy Film For Windows - 8 Easy Steps to Install it Yourself

What you need:

* you choose decorative window film-(Stained Glass film, frosted glass film, 3m window shades, etc.)

* Rubber sponge

* sharp tool knife with a blade the new

* common household spray bottle

* A well-ruler scales work great for big windows

* baby shampoo Johnson & Johnson-works great!

* Water-bottled is best

* cloth (or coffee filters)-microfiber cloths are good

* Transparent tape

Planning for the installation of

Measure and record the length and width of each window you want to add a movie. You will want to know the measurements first to determine which size to buy. You should add 10-20 percent to the purchase on account of errors, and any additional waste.


you want to run your project in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day. Excessive heat will cause the solution used to coat the glass to dry before you do and can cause streaks in your finished project.

1 First, clean the windows completely with a mixture of one tablespoon of baby shampoo to one gallon of bottled water. It is important to use a solution similar to J & J "no-tears" baby shampoo and bottled water to give the correct pH and the final finish on your project. DO NOT use cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar to clean windows. Also, do not clean the actual windows with any cleaner with ammonia or vinegar just before the start, because it can damage your project.

2 Using the measurements you have taken, cut a piece of film 1 "wider and 1" longer than the window you intend to install.

3 Spray the window, using a spray bottle with a solution of baby shampoo you use to clean windows. Keep your hands moistened with a solution to avoid leaving fingerprints. Do not be afraid to spray freely, it is better to have more water than not enough on the window.

4 Use two pieces of transparent tape to remove the backing from the film. Basically, you want to put tape on each side of the window film and drag strip cards, except that it can be detached from its support. Once you are exposed to an inch or so of the film support, spray it down with a soapy solution. For large pieces, you will need a helper to spray film until crust giving to him of contaminating.

5 From the top of the window, place a semi-adhesive film on the side of the window and attach it as you work your way down the window. Position cut list, so it is centered on the glass, and in the meantime, your partner is to spray with a solution. Again, the fine spray which window film and shampoo solution. After the movie is actually in place, now you want to squeegee any bubbles within about 2 "at the edge of the window. Continue to keep spraying the surface of the film solution so that brush will glide across the film and the glass easily.

6 Use a sharp utility knife along with its straight edge placed along the edge of the window to trim movie. Leave 1 / 16 "edge of the boundary between the film and the window.

7 After most of the excess film is trimmed off, go ahead and re-spray the surface of the film and squeegee out any bubbles. Air bubbles must be made ​​to the rim and should be able to escape through a 1 / 16 "gap between the film and the edge of the window.

8.Film should begin to dry and remain permanently in place within the 30-40 minuta.Puno drug trip takes about four to eight days.

Camera Feature Updated On the New iPhone 4S

New iPhone 4S A5 uses the new chipset and it has a signal processor that rivals what can be found on many digital cameras. Not only does this allow you to tap the screen to focus on a particular aspect of their image, but it also increases the response speed of the shutter. Earlier models suffered from a slight delay from when you physically take the photographs, and when the image is actually captured. In this new model image was captured at the exact moment of pressing the sense of your end result is exactly the picture you intended. It is not only the shutter speed that is driven to this model, but it is now much faster when you start the camera. Before, if the phone was locked, you'll unlock it and then find the camera icon to take pictures. New lockscreen on this model allows you to run directly in terms of the camera object to have more chances to quickly capture the images you want.

improved camera facility on the iPhone 4S is one of the many improvements present in this great new model. This model now joins the likes Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S as one of the best camera phones available.

Advantages of Choosing the iPad Album Over the Traditional Wedding Album

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of digital photography is that you can create and create your wedding memories in many different ways. You can design your own wedding album iPad, without compromising on the ideas of fixed page size or a fixed number of pages, etc. There is complete freedom to experiment and produce an album or slideshow of your choice.

However, there are several points that need to be considered. Overcrowding a page with iPad too many photos can be very unappealing. So, less is more when it comes to the iPad photo album.

"CD / DVD serves the same purpose," one might say. However, CD / DVD itself can not give you the flexibility and ease of sharing your wedding photos and video compared to a standalone iPad.

iPad is a lightweight

Weighing about 1.5 pounds (680 grams approx.) IPad is lighter than the lightest notebook PCs available on tržištu.IPad2 is even lighter than the original iPad, weighing only 600 grams. This means that you can keep the device in one hand and enjoy a cup of coffee with the other, snuggled with their new spouse, flipping through the photos at your fingertips.

You can not imagine the same thing with the traditional, which seeks nothing less than 5 pounds. You can go for a lighter traditional album. But then it will look classy not last long. So, just end up buying a bulky album wedding picture you can hardly go through again.

iPad is a portable

obviously features a slim iPad an advantage over traditional albums. Because the feather-light, to carry everywhere you go to share memories with friends and family. Take your memories wherever you go, whether at airports or in flight or when you are missing your loved one.

Traditional wedding album the biggest drawback is that it is not easily portable. You either need to take special efforts to transfer or call your friends and colleagues to his house, to show album. 'Draw' dampens the joy of sharing.

iPad provides a better viewing experience

Photos are brighter, the videos were just a touch away with the clarity of the close-up photography is amazing. Unlike bulky photo books, where the viewer lingers over a site with too many photos for a long time without actually paying attention to any of the photos, the iPad is a viewer with a smaller photo to view at a given moment of time. Thus, each image receives due pažnju.Pregled is definitely faster in this device.

IPAD also offers convenience in terms upotrebljivosti.Gledatelj need not wade through hundreds of other photos to get to najdraži.Jednom are most comfortable with just a touch away, all the time.

HTC Smart Review - An Affordable Mid Range Mobile Phone

All in all, the HTC Smart offers a good combination of features and style. HTC has made a good-looking and smart phones is no exception. As it is mid-range phone, getting this device to pay monthly contract will not break the bank.

How To Build A Facebook Fan Page That Will Generate Traffic To Your Website

If you want to create a strong and broad relationship in social media, joining Facebook will be the first crucial step that you take in. Always keep in mind that, in order to be successful in this type of field you need to set their own goals , agendas and plans. Although Facebook is a free site to promote your company or organization, there are still moments of trouble to overcome such stiff competition, and some uncertainty about how such sites operate. To overcome this, you need to be the best among them in regard to the publication of interesting topics, updates and interaction with other growing number of Facebook fan pages.

How to Create a Fan Page
These days, most companies focus their sales, promotion and marketing on one of the best places known as Facebook.Site who is known for its high popularity in social networking. People now recognize the importance of social networking to persistent marketing and generating traffic to websites. How to get more followers, you can use the Facebook page Facebook features to assist and help your brand reach your target.

If you're wondering how to create a Facebook page, it's as easy as creating your own Facebook račun.Koraci are complex and very understandable, and not have to be an expert when creating one. To know how fan-site works, feel free to check out some of the existing site already. There are many sites that are quite popular to give you some idea of ​​what it is all about. You can research on Facebook in the search tab. Just enter the keywords you want to see, just like some of your favorite chocolate brand shoes known branded restaurants worldwide.

If you do not have any idea on how to create your account fan-site, do not worry there are lots of articles that will help you and guide you to the creation of new pages. Each fan-site, there is this button that says "Create page". Click on this button and select which category you belong to. If you create a fan page for your favorite band, you can click on "Artist". Enter the necessary information about your company.

Always keep in mind these main points:

• put a link to your website to your new fan page. You can put it on the part of me.
• Start sending some invitations to their friends and acquaintances about your new friends you have stranicu.Više more people will know your website.

used to having a Facebook Fan Page
Once the fan page gives you many opportunities to communicate with their customers and fans. You can upload one hundred photographs or video of its newest brand and most importantly, you can have deliberated with their customers. I always welcome your comments and the fans are entertained by answering their questions and queries. Keep them updated by providing positive relationships and updates about your company, product discounts and sales, and new lines of its brand.

Using the Kindle GPS For Google Maps Application

to admit. Using a smartphone for Google Maps directions while navigating the streets of an unfamiliar place or city, while convenient, can be a bit of eye strain. But here is some good news. If you have an Amazon Kindle, Kindle can use the pseudo GPS feature to run applications and Google Maps to provide you the necessary instructions, giving the added benefit of your Kindle

, but the Kindle ebook reader that only offers this advantage?

seems to be one of the closest contests Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, not allow the use of Google Maps as well. But there's one catch: You can use it when you're in a WiFi area has a nook just WiFi connectivity. This can seriously limit your use of applications, especially when you're in an area where you need directions quickly, but I do not know where to get a WiFi connection.

On the other hand, light web abilities fare better when getting directions on-line because of its 3G connectivity. Plus, it's free! But how do you get Google Maps with GPS Kindle? Here are the steps to be taken:

1 On Amazon Kindle, press Menu, select the experimental part of the device, and then click on Basic Web. For the purpose of obtaining the text only instructions, using a basic web-mode is just right and it will be a lot less time to load, but if you are advanced or Desktop mode.

2 Before continuing, it is best to do Clear Cache first free up some of your memory for web browsing.

3 Then click on the menu to select Go to the top and enter the URL. Then type / m / directions.

4 Use 5-way controller until you get to the part of Go. You will then be taken to the text instructions for Google Maps.

5 Bookmark this page (using the Menu button again), so you will not have to enter the URL again after repeated use applications.

6 Using a 5-way control button, enter your information to and from the field. Then select the option "Automatic", "The Transit", "Walking" and "Cycling ".

On Kindle GPS and experimental features, the Amazon Kindle can take you to the point -. Not only through reading, but literally as well as using Google Maps

How To Successfully Complete Microsoft Certified IT Professional Certification?

As a Microsoft Certified Professional is the dream of every IT professionals and students. It takes little effort to grab such a prestigious title. Microsoft certifications are typically showcase the person's skills and potential use of Microsoft technologies and products for effective business solutions. In today's world, business houses are looking for individuals who have the ability to manage, maintain and troubleshoot the Microsoft products. Microsoft has presented a wonderful program called certification as an MCITP Microsoft Certified IT Professional. You can show your skills in Microsoft Application after the completion of this certificate.

can be made as a database or Enterprise Messaging Administrator MCITP credential after reaching. Focus on the detection of their technical and professional skills with the Microsoft Certified IT Professional certificate. This incredible belief created by Microsoft that helps to work more efficiently. These certifications open up new business opportunities and help to polish your personal skills and abilities. During these days of recession, MCITP is in high demand in many small and large business organizations. Reputed business organizations in China, Dubai, Europe and Japan put MCITP and offered a nice salary.

This certificate offers different areas of expertise for IT professionals. Microsoft certifications provide many benefits. You can communicate with online training provider, so that you achieve the best results in the actual exam. Onsite trainers offer true knowledge and experience to MCITP training. You can benefit from their training materials and software. They offer advanced questions and answers and practice testing software that makes it a candidate and his / her ready for the desired MCITP exam. Questions and answers are specifically created a team of experienced professionals. You do not need to worry about their credibility.

an online e-learning solutions provide the real exam environment in practice. These companies offer a free sample test for your convenience, so you can get an idea of ​​how your practice questions and answers will be before buying. If you take into account and attempts MCITP exam, then you May get the advantage of test prep. These are affordable and are available at cheap rate. You can save time and money saving packages offered. You can distinguish yourself as an IT professional who now proven skills and abilities after passing the Microsoft Certified IT Professional examination.

you can get to the core information technologies MCITP. So, will you join hands with e-learning services to help your career to the next level? You will definitely have the best learning experience with his comprehensive study materials and guides.

How To Build An Apple App

As a result of the increasingly influential, appliances and more affordable data plans, Mobile App area is experiencing rapid growth every year. Apple is the forerunner of this growth with the iPhone. This was accomplished in cooperation with telecommunications companies to supply almost unlimited access and redistribution applications from App Store, which has built a new industry for smartphone applications.

Since that allowed Apple to sell iPhone applications out there in 2008, novice and expert programmers have used the platform to generate financial wealth. Developers, like Ethan Nicholas' iShoot creator, Steve Demeter, the inventor of iPhone game Trism, is turning his skills of making applications into profitable businesses. Knowledge of application development is attained quickly, and creates mobile applications require knowledge of various coding languages. However, the time commitment and investment in Apple software that is made ​​specifically for building iPhone apps, you can cash in on your newly acquired skills by putting its first iPhone App on the market.

buy a Mac computer or gain access to your Mac, if you do not already own one. Use Apple's software developer kit (SDK) for the execution of Apple in-house programming languages​​, such as Cocoa and Objective-C, which are necessary for creating iPhone applications. It should be a system that runs MacOS X Leopard version.

Subscribe to iPhone Developer Program at Apple's website, followed by downloading IOS SDK. Apple iOS SDK includes a simulator and tools needed to create iPhone applications. Once you register with the developer account and download the SDK, access will be available technical resources, as well as iOS library, which includes examination of code that you can maneuver to build their personal applications. There are also tutorials that do not directly provide details on how to implement functions such as spotting movement in the iPhone app and play sound.

study of relevant programming languages ​​such as OpenGL, Cocoa and Objective-C, who were instrumental in teaching art building iPhone applications. While Cocoa and Objective-C programming language created by Apple itself, the study of OpenGL may include the acquisition of technical resources outside the Apple iOS reference library. To learn a programming language, you can get access to reference and use OpenGL Programming Guide, and also suggested OpenGL tutorial books from the organization's website.

Yes, of course specifically designed to teach the iPhone app development. Some universities such as Stanford are courses that suggest budding iPhone app developers to develop applications for iPhone. Looking for courses that deal with Cocoaand Objective-C, together with the development of graphics applications for the iPhone. Many of these courses require some programming knowledge and a few weeks or months.

What Has Azure To Do With Windows 8?

Windows 8 is rumored to be a certificate from Microsoft Corporation, the American giant računalstvo.Intelektualci and entrepreneurs in the computer world are speculating that Windows 8 will be the next version of Windows that will offer cloud back up the Windows Azure.

This is speculation announcement by Microsoft Corp. in the 2011 International CES. According to this declaration, the company will launch a new version of Windows that will support the system on chip (SoC) architecture, the ARM-based partner Texas Instruments Inc., Qualcomm Inc. and nVidia Corp.

This means that the next version of Windows will offer more benefits for customers such as lower power consumption, etc. It will be possible, because the SoC architecture to unify the key components of a computer on a single silicon package.

a little knowledge of the blue is needed before speculating anything about the next version of Windows.Windows Azure is a platform that provides developers with a rich development experience by providing facilities such as connectivity and interoperability with.NET services, web-based relational database in Microsoft SQL Azure and cloud services operating system.

Even though Microsoft has not released any official statement about Windows 8 blue, but the indications we were directed towards the use of blue in the next version of Windows. Microsoft researchers have found in my LinkedIn profile to work on creating the Windows 8 kernel 128-bit compatible.

Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft also confirmed that the company is committed to the difficult client OSes. If Microsoft is launching Windows8 blue, then it will be a revolutionary advance in the business world.

Briefly, according to speculation Microsoft Kitchen, a reality Windows8 crystal is assumed that the discovery in 2012 or later.

iPhone 4S Vs The iPhone 4 - What Is Different?

until 11 hour, most commentators in the industry thought that Apple was going to launch a complete redesign of the iPhone 4 4 October There were several signs pointing that way. The first was an unusual time iPhone announcement (October, from a traditional early summer). This long gap apparently showed that a completely new redesign is in progress. Then there is the imminent start of IOS 5, a completely new operating system for iPhone. Surely all the new iPhone will launch with all new operating system?

Apple denied those rumors by announcing the iPhone 4S. Just as 3G over the 3G, iPhone 4S is a step change of 4, and looks almost identical.

What has changed on the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 4?

Superficially, it seems as if most of the hardware on the iPhone 4S is the same as the original fourth They are almost exactly the same dimensions and weight, and both have a screen size of 3.5 inches. Both are also angular design, with a simple home button on the front of the phone.

However, if you look a little closer, you'll find that the 4S iPhone has a lot more under the hood of the iPhone 4 First of all, make A5 dual core processor on the 4S. Apple claims that this will make web pages load and up to five times faster than the current iPhone 4 - impressive progress! And all this processing power is transferred to other areas too -. Applications to be downloaded, install and load faster, and navigation will feel more responsive than the iPhone 4

There is a vast improvement in camera technology that Apple has packed into the iPhone 4S compared to 4 Historically, Apple is pulling behind other smartphone companies like Samsung, when it comes to top-class tech camera. This is not the case with the iPhone 4S. With five lens elements instead of 4, Apple allow more light to be let into the lens, so the photos look fantastic even at low light levels. They have upgraded their solution 8MP instead of 5, adding a touch focus and zero lag shooting photos, so your photos are exactly when you press the shutter.

Apple has also made huge improvements iPhone 4S when it comes to video recording also capture even more detail with 1080p HD recording 780p instead found on the iPhone 4.4S also has video stabilization, which originally did not - so hand-held video automatically corrected for small jumps and jiggles that have plagued would-be filmmakers when shooting on the iPhone


All new software

Although Apple's new iOS 5 is set to be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone and 4S, there are several features that you will be able to find the 4S.

is the most significant Siri, voice controlled command center that turns your iPhone into a personal secretary. Although the voice dialing is nothing new to smartphones, Siri is a little different. Using all the power of iPhone 4S A5 processor, it takes something to say, and uses a complex set of algorithms to open the relevant application to perform the task. If you find a promotional video, all you need to do is say, "Do I need an umbrella?" iPhone 4S will be able to answer "It will be sunny today." You can even use voice commands to move the meetings and send text poruka.IPhone 4S just got a whole lot more suburban family!

That's it in terms of significant differences between the iPhone 4S and 4! Although the list may seem short, when you actually use the iPhone 4S in a number of features are required to make a noticeable difference. This did not prevent 1 million people from pre-ordering iPhone 4S - nor would trebao.IPhone 4S is a great smartphone with some great features - you can do a lot worse

iPad Market Positioning

iPad is generally set as the "third device", after the personal computer and mobile phone, which includes a variety of purposes and functions. This meant that greater usefulness of cell phones, and offers more portability than personal računala.Ipad was set up as a more convenient and intuitive way of performing the various tasks which these devices are used for, such as web browsing, checking e-mail, and watching photos.

is also positioned as a better alternative to existing eBook readers such as Amazon "Kindle" and Barnes and Noble "nook". These products are sold through online booksellers, who have years of experience in selling print media. Apple not only positioning your iPad as a master device with more features than these readers, but also marketing iBooks virtual bookstore as a simple and convenient way to purchase content. Despite the fact that there is the same relationship with publishers and amount of experience in selling books such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Apple has already proven its ability to provide digital content and to drive large amounts of sales from the iTunes Music Store.

Although it is not as powerful as most laptops currently on the market, the iPad is to raise the "netbook" laptops. In fact, during his speech detection IPAD, Apple Steve Jobs said the president, since netbooks are currently selling, "...[ they] are not any better. They are slow and clunky has shown, and run clunky old PC software. they are just cheap laptops. "iPad Despite the similarity with netbook computers that do not have the computing power of a full-sized computer, the iPad is set to be more beneficial in the sense that it will launch software similar to the iPhone, which has been widely praised as a useful and pleasant experience.

Set the iPad vs Competitive Devices
Apple needs to be strengthened in order to communicate the usefulness of the iPad device, making the many practical uses and transfers to purchase can not be worth a wide range of consumers. It can be difficult since it can be used in many different contexts and that there are alternative products in each case. As a result, it is important to understand the iPad as a device that combines the functionality of many other devices, rather than being seen as just another player in a market already saturated with a single purpose or limited purpose MP3 players, eBook readers, GPS devices, smartphones, netbooks computers, etc.

iPad should be positioned as a device that goes beyond the usual complaints about the existing alternatives. For example, despite their high sales volume, many netbooks are criticized for their small screen size and awkward klavijature.Ipad not only has a larger screen than many netbooks, but it can be oriented in many directions in order to work on them more easily. Apple has done a great job of articulating how a user interfaces with the device, showing how the iPad can be tilted vertically or horizontally and internal sensors automatically adjust how the document displays.

Apple iPad to communicate to perform better than existing alternatives in areas that were praised as well. For example, a brand of Nintendo DS portable game console has been successful, not only with children but for adults too, offering classic games like Tetris, crossword puzzles and other programs such as "Brain Age", which seek to promote mental clarity, the execution of his mind. Like the iPhone before it, the iPad will also offer the same types of programs, but with a larger screen and more processing power. In addition, because of reduced development costs of games for the iPad platform and distribute them digitally, individual titles will be lower in price. I feel that it is, besides being a very intuitive touch screen controls, a beautiful display and motion sensor means iPad should be positioned more as a gaming device.

I also think Apple should emphasize ease of use iPad not only for e-mail, but also as a device for processing. It is well positioned as a notebook that can be manipulated without a key or a number of physical keys, but the company needs to show potential customers that combined with a keyboard as an alternative to transport bulkier and heavier laptop to work outside the office. Similarly, the iPad also has a VGA adapter that allows you to output video to an external display. I believe the company could communicate how it might allow business customers to use the device as a highly-portable way to display Keynote and PowerPoint presentations.

HTC Smart Review - An Affordable Mid Range Mobile Phone

HTC are well known for making mobile phones, especially cell phones that are built on the Android platform. However, one should not forget that HTC also make great headphones for other operating systems, and as the Windows OS. In this article, we will look at a new mid-range mobile phone called the HTC Smart, which is built on all new Brew platform.

HTC Smart is the first mobile phone that will be built by this manufacturer on all new Brew Mobile Platform paket.HTC Smart mobile phone handset is compact and neat in terms of size, measuring in at 105 x 55 x 12.8mm and weights 108g only to a smart phone with a comprehensive collection of features that will take care of all your mobile communication needs.

thanks to 3G HSDPA surfing, you will be able to get on the net in double quick time. Although intuitive interface allows you to switch to landscape view just by touching the touch screen that this unit has. You can use the zoom feature, which will increase the text on the website - it makes it very easy to see the usual small content of the web site. If you are a big user of social networking sites, you can stay up to date with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

If you have a camera, it is important to you, then you will not be too excited about what this phone has, but odgovarajući.Pametni phone comes with a fairly standard three-megapixel camera that also has the usual fixed focus and flash that will allow to take photos of a decent standard. Furthermore, there is the possibility of video recording on this phone, and you can easily be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, so you can share with friends and family.

Some other really good features and functions of this mobile phone device, and includes things such as. Bluetooth, FM radio with RDS, and Smart handset is also quad-band for international capacity. This is a useful feature more and more people now take their mobile phone on holiday and business travel, especially international calls to European countries have a dress down in the cijenu.Baterija HTC Smart phone is ok, but not the best. From a single charge, the battery will provide up to 6 hours talk time and up to 600 hours if you leave it on hold -. Not too many people would

All in all, the HTC Smart offers a good combination of features and style. HTC has made a good-looking and smart phones is no exception. As it is mid-range phone, getting this device to pay monthly contract will not break the bank.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Am Losing Twitter Followers - Help!

So you built a nice list of followers and eagerly trying to use Twitter to create curiosity, views, traffic, or purchases. All goes well, you are tweeting daily and respond to instant messages. One day you'll notice that rather than going up, your number of followers is going down. Wait, what? Down? That's not what you want! So, where are they going? Why you are losing subscribers?

There are several reasons, all of which can be easily fixed! If you have lost a subscriber, take a few moments to look at the Twitter habits to see which of these could be the cause. Of course, there might be other reasons, but these are some of the biggest reasons that are commonly seen.

Do you automate your tweets and direct messages? Nothing wrong with this ... Lining up an auto-tweets is a great idea because it will help you make sure you give your followers useful information to each and every day, but watch out for more than automation, particularly the automatic direct messenger. Nobody likes getting a message that is automatically something like "Thank you for following me, check out my website!" Many people consider that spam and to stop covering for it. Instead, try something like chirping highlight any new followers thanking them for you next.

Are you one of those people who became Twitter tweet after to make sure you see it? Just once is enough! Nobody wants their wall spammed with the same or similar tweets. You should also try not to tweet too often. If you feel your followers spammers are likely to cease to follow so they can see other people's tweets.

If you use Twitter as a social platform, which is the best way to use it, you probably ask your questions or followers in his tweets or replies to their tweets. Do not just ask and let it, be sure to answer them. Follow up with them so they know it! The same goes for instant messaging, take the time to answer them on the timing issue.

no longer promoted. People come to Twitter for fun, not like selling. Instead of sending them directly to the sales page or squeeze page, try connecting them to an article that will link to your sales page. It will get much better results. Do not sell. No one wants to follow someone that just seems to be trying to earn money from them.

One that many people do not think about: profanity. Many kids use Twitter, and many adults can access from work. Keep things safe for work and for minors.

Of course, there are other reasons could be losing followers. These are the most common, but if you have addressed all these problems and keep losing followers, do not give up hope! If all else fails, tweet about it! Ask your followers what they like and dislike and see what you can change to make them happy. Let them know your relationship with them is important and you want to make sure you do everything you can to help them.

How to Use Facebook to Build Your Acting Business Without Offending Anyone

Recently, the casting director has expressed displeasure at his Facebook wall about the actors it is closer to the Facebook application to audition. This post has sparked some lively dialogue among the actors and casting directors who have all agreed to use Facebook as a marketing tool grub, amateurs, or even desperate.

I agree. Approaching casting directors, producers, agents, filmmakers, directors and artistic directors is not rude. This is not an amateur. And it's not desperate. This is a job.

Facebook is, so that people can connect with each other. That's the whole point. Almost every business and businessman now has Facebook page, and use Facebook for promotional purposes. Thus, there is nothing wrong -. At an all-in doing the same as an actor

Now, different people have different limits on Facebook. If the casting director wants to keep his Facebook page, and separate its business, it is absolutely an advantage of her and I support that 100%. No, do not do wrong when an actor wants to use Facebook for self-promotion. Approaching your list of target industries through social media is not a problem here. How do you approach them. Believe me, there is a right way and wrong way to use Facebook for their acting careers. Apparently, the actors who have joined the casting director has done the wrong way.

Last year, an actress named Eva used Facebook in a powerful way to build a relationship with a casting director who is still paying off today. Eva has seen the role it is perfect for after an exhaustive and unsuccessful research to find a casting director's phone number or e-mail, the only contact information for Eva to find a casting director on Facebook.

So, Eva sent him a direct message via Facebook. Instead of seeking an audition, Eva messaged casting director to find out that he was comfortable with her using Facebook as a marketing tool. She wanted to respect the casting director of social media boundaries and the best way to do this is to get buy in.
"What is available in" you ask?

buy-in happens when you get the consent of anyone on that target before taking action. This May sound silly, but it is a very simple step that will make a huge difference in the results they produce in relationship building.

Eva the buy-in to the casting director probably look like this:

"Hi Casting Director. I want to respect your privacy, so I write to find out how open you are auditioning for receiving requests from actors through Facebook. If you're open to it, I understand. Just let me know either way."

Not only is this an open casting director Eva request, but she was also invited to audition she wanted. Since then, Eva audition in his office regularly and two of them have forged a healthy working relationship.

The moral of this story - do not shy away from Facebook in your marketing just because you might offend someone. Instead, your job is simply to get buy-in from casting directors, producers and agents want to work with before the resin on Facebook.

Get buy-in before it is needed. In this way, you will not panic when the opportunity arises because you'll already know how to reach.

your buy-in might look like this:

"Hi Tom. This is Jessica. I saw you speak SAG Foundation last week. I am writing to find out if Facebook is the place to connect the projects or roles I might be right for. I know everyone is using Facebook for a variety of reasons, so I wanted to check with you first observe your social media frontier.

If you do not want to merge the operations of the FB, I totally take it and be sure not to talk shop with you here. Just let me know any way ."

The truth is you never know who is open to receive requests from actors across social media. While some people use Facebook socially just, others rely on it hard for their business.

The trick is to find out which side of the fence your Facebook target people living on the ground before the on-line. Doing so will give you the confidence you need to use Facebook in a robust way without offending anyone.

Google Plus and SEO

Social media networking sites undoubtedly impact in today's communications. People from all over the world are connected to their peers from different parts of the country with just a simple account on this web site. Besides, everyone is given the freedom to share their lives for others by posting their pictures, thoughts and even ideas that are available for all to see. With this type of innovation, trade and information sharing has become so much easier. In addition, advertisers and marketing strategists to use various social networking sites as a medium in endorsing their products and services. These strategies, such as combining Google and SEO Plus Marketing and advertising, will surely become a trend, and in no time, all advertisers will follow suit.

Google and SEO Plus is sure to increase web traffic to websites offering various products and services to the public. Increase web traffic can also mean an increase in sales, as well as some of these online surfers will use the product or service offered by these companies. Furthermore, it would be easier for online readers to share SEO articles that are read to their peers, thereby expanding the scope of Article target audience. If on-line readers will share links to SEO articles to their peers around the world, it will also work as a marketing strategy for advertising firms, and the best part is that it is completely free.

The idea of combining the marketing is not new in the marketing industriji.Trenutni buzz is just a consequence of the introduction of Google Plus the public. Since this is a social media networking sites "is a new platform, it is expected that retailers will make Google and SEO Plus combo, as well as how to use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Using these social networking sites is considered prudent move for marketers, because most people around the world use this site as a part of everyday life, and as a result, they make regular people look their investors on a regular basis.

To achieve success in Google, and SEO Plus scheme, it is important for companies to hire marketing agencies who are skilled in using social networking platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, blogs like WordPress and Blogspot, as well as professional writing agencies that could produce a lot of SEO friendly articles to be placed among these websites.

Feature Packed Operating System From Microsoft

Windows 7 was designed and developed by world-renowned software giant Microsoft as the operating system with an easy to use interface. Many operating systems have combined to create Windows 7 This highly successful program was initiated 22nd July 2009 and has since topped the charts in popularity among computer users around the svijeta.Windows 7 to the number of computers that includes desktops, laptops and tablet PCs. Hardware requirements for installing Windows 7 are as slijedi.32 bit version of Windows 7's hardware requirements are very similar to the hyper edition of Windows Vista. However the 64 bit version of Windows 7 requires a more robust hardware support

Windows 7 comes with many added features, such as here navedene.Važna feature is its ability to detect touch and handwriting of the user. She has a strong support for virtual hard disk that accounts for the storage of vital podataka.Windows 7 comes with improved performance of its multi-core processors and thus increase the real-time procesa.Windows 7 also shows the improved functionality of the boot performance and other features like Direct Access , and kernel improvisations. Windows 7-sided support hardware that combines multiple graphics cards derived from different prodavača.Windows Media Center in its latest avatar can be found as part of Windows 7, which is a treat for fans of multimedia.

Windows 7 now has a special calculator that can perform high-end operations related to programming and statistics, as do the conversion for all units mjerenja.Upravljačkoj Panel in Windows 7 is the icing on the cake with a host of features never seen before in any operating sustavu.Među them Clear Type Text Turner, Biometric Devices, Gadgets, Recovery, credentials Manager, troubleshooting, Workspace Centre, Location chips with sensors, the system icons, display and presentation Color Calibration Wizard.

Windows Security Center is now known as the Windows Action Center which is entrusted with the safety and održavanja.Stupnjevanje 256 GB of additional memory is held in place and nurtured by the Ready Boost for Windows 7 32 bit verziju.Windows 7 also supports RAW picture format to the decoder that are included in the Windows Imaging Component. This feature allows you to browse thumbnails of the images and meta data displayed in Windows Explorer. In addition, it also aids in full size viewing and simple construction of slide-shows using Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Center.

Let him move to the other interface features of Windows 7.Alatnoj Quick Launch toolbar, which was previously part of the Windows 7 taskbar has been replaced with a plug-in that can add more applications to bar.Zadatak bar can now be easily adapted according to user convenience. Furthermore, the key task now contains all the keys for additional applications. With this handy software, users can use the Jump Lists feature and get smooth access to frequently used tasks. The problem of lag in Windows 7 may be fixed by using System Optimizer, which has a well developed series of registry cleaner, system cleaner, services optimizer, registry defrag, and to name a few.

Advice From Steve Jobs - Stay Hungry - Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, finished his speech beginning graduate students at Stanford University in 2005 with the following words: "Stay Hungry. Stay foolish." It would be fair to say that most of what thousands of people who have heard or read the speech probably forgot all about that speech, but these memorable words, "Stay Hungry. Stay foolish ."

These four words represent the whole philosophy of a successful life. They mean that, if we are successful, rewarding and interesting life, we should be in the parade, not to watch the parade go by.

is the only constant in life is change. Nothing stands still. Life is dynamic, not static. However, there are those of us who, through the exercise in futility, will try to find security in the status quo does not exist.

, do not make waves, do not try anything and keep a low profile attitude is a recipe for boredom at best, a disaster for the worst. Trying to stand still in life is a failure and can lead to frustration, regression and ultimate failure.

It's a proven fact that the ship remains in port will rust and wear out faster than one that travels high more.Izraz life of action and effects generator life. This is a lesson not lost the happiest and most successful among us.

If you read biographies of great men and women soon learn that the creature effects. They were involved, they were engaged, were the causes, objectives, projects and goals. Were determined. They found that meaningfulness, satisfaction and confirmation of their work and achievements.

successfully live in the true sense of the word, it means commitment and dedication to the cause, an ideal or goal. To accomplish this, an unknown road to be traveled, dragons must be slain, and calculates the chances must be taken.

As someone so wisely said: "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of coming safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather skid sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ... Dang, what ride ."

Now, that might be exaggerating a bit, but that does not express the essence of the concept. Successful living is not about watching the parade go by. This is not about joining a parade. Successful living is about leading the parade.

This is what Steve Jobs was taking about before those recent graduates. He wanted to give these young minds, the best advice he could, so that would not only start their adult life on the right foot, but stay on track for the rest of your life.

To do this, he left those students with four memorable words, "Stay Hungry. Stay foolish." Nothing else was needed. The message is brief, clear and nezaboravan.Diva spoke. Who could forget, stay hungry. Stay mad?

Apple iPad Vs Apple MacBook Pro

While IPAD is generally meant to link the products of the iPhone MacBook Pro has a large number of functions that can be compared with that MacBook Pro.Ipad considered Tablet PC and offers the ease of touch screen technology and is considered prenosivosti.MacBook Pro laptop computer and has little power and functionality you iPad while still relatively portable.

iPhone users May find that the iPad offers many of the same features as ipad.Razlika between the two is that the iPad has a much larger display area. If you are looking for a gadget that offers some basic computer functions, such as internet, e-mail, word processing, and some applications then the iPad is perfect for vas.MacBook Pro on the other hand is a fully functional computer with many more features and infinitely more digital storage space. When designing the Apple iPad I think he leaned a little too much to the iPhone.

While the size of the iPad is much more convenient to carry around that MacBook Pro users will notice a loss of power due to its smaller size. Being one of the major selling points, the size of the iPad is reported to have over heating issues when exposed to direct sunlight. Most major electronics are not meant to handle the heat of direct sunlight for an extended period of time, but with something like the portability of the iPad, designers should take this into account.

MacBook Pro is on the market much longer than the iPad. I am sure that the MacBook Pro had a share of quirks, when it was first produced as well. If you are thinking about adding the iPad to your gadget arsenal consider waiting until another model comes out. This will give designers a good idea of ​​what can be improved, and you will not be wasting your money on a prototype model.

All in all, I think the moment has my money. I personally own a iPhone and a laptop computer. I can not imagine any reason why I would anything in between. If the iPad worked more on a level with the MacBook Pro would definitely have to see the attractions of this gadget to brag about portability. Before placing a IPAD from the mind I'd like to see where Apple decides to go with it in the next few years.