Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ten Top Tips for Baking An Apple Pie

"as easy as apple pie" - how many times have you heard that? Well now you can do to make apple pie like a pro, and not have a nervous breakdown in the process! Here are my top ten tips for making the perfect apple pie every time.

1) Apples! Apples! Apples! Most important piece of apple pie is obviously an apple. If you're lucky and live in an area with apple groves and then choose the combination of tart and sweet apples and put them in a pie within 24 hours. If you live anywhere near the apple grove recommend Granny Smith apples for pitu.Kiselost combined with the sweetness of the sugar / cinnamon mixture creates an amazing flavor. Another combination that works great is the McIntosh and Cortland apples, but only if the fresh apples.

2) Do not burn the crust. When baking apple pie, one of the major problems is the burnt edges of the crust. To prevent this problem is to cover the edges of your pie with tin foil. But that does not stoop down around the sides. Since the foil reflects the heat, the edges of the dough may end up under the bakers. Or, you can actually buy a watch list at a local kitchen supply store that is located over the edges of the pie in order to protect them from burning.

3) apple flavor! After you add the cinnamon / sugar mixture taste test your apples. Do not be afraid to add more brown sugar and cinnamon to your mixture. You can not spoil a good thing by adding something good for him!

4) Additional weight is a good thing! If you bake your pie shell before adding the apple filling pie shell may be inflated. To prevent this from happening is to add dry beans to the bottom shell before you put it in the oven. Or you can actually buy a weighted balls that can be placed at the bottom of the shell to prevent the dough from rising.

5) mountain apple is a good thing. Always prepare more apples than you think you will need. Make a mountain in the pie shell when you add the apples. Stretch the top pie crust over the mountain apple as best you can. You will find a pie baked apple mountain will blow. You'll be left with a cake that has a sufficient amount of apples. Without the mountain May you end up with a cake and gave a small slice the apples.

6) Decorations: Ice cream. Do not forget to offer ice cream with every piece of the pie. Be imaginative. Vanilla ice cream scoop is standard to add a slice of apple pie. Try cinnamon or nut butter ice cream instead. Cookies and cream ice cream works very well as it does with pistachio and peach ice cream.

7) apple pie with a twist! Instead of the standard apple pie, look for variations of the recipe. Try Dutch apple pie, French apple pie or apple pie combinations like Rhubarb / Apple-raisin or cranberry-apple pie.

8) Caramel Yum! Instead of ice cream, drizzle melted caramel over apple pie. It gives your pie added sweetness that will impress your family and friends.

9) The sweetness than sugar. If you do not think that your apples are sweet, but enough not to add sugar, try 1tbsp lemon juice, some finely grated lemon zest and 2 tablespoons melted apple ┼żele.Dodatak jam adds a special sweetness in cakes.

10) pretty as a picture. On top of apple pie must be vented with a few slices of a knife through the top of the pie shell. Instead of simple slits add a pattern or a nice decoration. Cut your loved one's initials in the pie shell, or hearts, or stars. Your imagination is the limit!

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