Sunday, December 18, 2011

Complementing PPC Campaigns With Microsoft adCenter

In the previous article I talked about PPC advertising to a large detalj.Članak focused on general concepts of PPC advertising - specifically, how these concepts should be applied to Google Adwords. Google AdWords is the king of PPC advertising. However, because of Google's popularity and market share (~ 68% of today's searches go through Google) There are a lot more competition for the search. More competition translates into higher CPC prices. As an example, we can expect to pay between $ 6 and $ 11 per click for a decent ad position on search terms related to the Dallas / Web Design / Internet Marketing / Social Media. During a recent $ 500 Google AdWords campaign of ours, we paid about $ 7 per click on average, resulted in 71 hits (our average position was 3.9 ).

Sounds expensive, does not it? It is. Granted, web design and internet marketing sector is very competitive here in North Texas and the conversion of a client can easily cover their advertising costs and ensure profit. However, to really matter to you how a potential client locates your website? To some extent this matter - there are clearly some areas of the web that I do not want my company associated with (such as unwanted sites, porn and other inappropriate content). However, there are PPC options out of Google AdWords that are reputable, can give results that are much more affordable.

Recently, Microsoft adCenter merged with Yahoo's advertising services. Microsoft claims that the adCenter reaches about 31.6% of the U.S. search market (161 million unique searches every day) and 5.9% of the Canadian search market. It is possible to achieve, because it serves the adCenter search ads by Bing, MSN and Yahoo! So, if you were to ignore the adCenter, which in essence be missing out on a little less than a third of the U.S. search market.

Setup is nearly identical in AdWords (with a few less bells and whistles), adCenter offers a much cheaper alternative to AdWords. There is less competition, because it is so popular and is known as AdWords, and the lack of competition turns into a fantastic advertising opportunities. To test this theory, we recently launched our first adCenter campaign. Although they are definitely some hiccups in the process of setting - it's almost a week for our ads start running, because Microsoft is manually approve every ad and review each campaign - once the ads started serving, we were shocked at the results. The $ 500 adCenter campaigns ours, we paid approximately $ 1.50 per click on average, resulting in 333 hits (our average position is 1.2). It is 469% click increase of adCenter in comparison to AdWords for the same budget.

Why do not more companies use adCenter? I think that for one, there is a lack of awareness that adCenter even exist. Google is not such a good job of marketing services and is so well known that a small-part players like adCenter is often overlooked. In order to gain an advantage and get a better return on investment, you really should consider implementing adCenter campaign.

Comparing AdWords and adCenter in our two campaigns

Google AdWords

PPC Budget: $ 500 USD
The average cost per click: $ 7.00 USD
Number of hits: 71
Your average ad position: 3.9
The average click through rate: 0.95%
Number of conversions: 2 - 2.8% of visitors

Microsoft adCenter

PPC Budget: $ 500 USD
The average cost per click: $ 1.50 USD
Number of hits: 333
Your average ad position: 1.2
The average click through rate: 0.84%
Number of Transformation: 6 - 1.8% of visitors

Final thoughts

While the click through rates and conversion rates were higher with AdWords, adCenter was able to get 469% more clicks for our AdWords budget done. This has led to more conversions for our budget (in our case, we believe that a conversion when a potential client contacts us either by phone or via the contact form on our website). So, while Google better performance in several categories, adCenter seems to be more bang for your buck. Due to the success of our adCenter campaigns, we are now advising our clients to begin using the adCenter PPC campaign, and we invite you to do the same.

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