Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Verizon cuts price Galaxy nexus 99 signature jelly Bean update yet to the dollar.

By Humberto Saabedra 7/23/2012.

Verizon Galaxy NexusOnly since its launch in December by spending months January contract prices higher than the average of $ 299.99 after a price Galaxy nexus cutting $ 149.99 per month Verizon price facing newer devices such as the Galaxy S III new 2-year contract after low price until now $ 99.99 at their flagship Galaxy nexus smart phones quickly reflect the decrease in value, cut out.

Phone itself is still highly popular despite its older hardware specification device, is to receive Android latest version of jelly Bean line despite first direct competition from powerful S III.

Jelly beans, it says Samsung and Verizon still out waiting for updates only after long owners to roll back the Galaxy nexus and last required bug fix update which launched rolling long standing problem fix version 4.0.4 mobile phone since the.

Jelly Bean phone officially exhibited lower list prices but both companies still have internal AOSP support to determine when after being rolled. Would indicate that are approaching the price usually call abort between the 7 Tablet nexus Google currently selling high report to determine the successor to the Galaxy nexus is the focus of the current online stores and resellers more than expected, Google might still.

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