Monday, July 30, 2012

SI Kura GE created in lab

Oldest animal versions of the organizational design knocking Silicon Medusa along with created by scientist -one.

Based on the growth of artificial jellyfish polymer using rubber silicon, researchers at Harvard University and the California Institute of bioengineering feat, succeeded in the creation of the Medusoid and rat heart cells.

Mythological creature Medusa name itself after such artificial Kura GE is actually 500 is to promote water using the law as well as of the creatures millions of years ago.

Team without needing to re-create the exact components of Kura GE reverse the Prime Minister such as bait and approximate swimming of the beast features mainly.

This improved design missed a few tricks in the natural evolution according to the team and the relationship a little artistic license.

Team protein layer polymer to form rat tissues and growth patterns – combined with the silicone.

To promote the transfer voltage maintains, then put the electrical conductivity of liquid organic matter, interspersed with regular 'Jellyfish' itself could contract the organizational capability of the rat heart. Energy 1, may be supplied by the Treasury Unit.

Scaring bath within in the application other than what reality of the local swimming baths device like this?

Apparently jellyfish bears a substantial way to man's heart pumps blood around the heart 'beat' movement of the similarities.

Scientists believe the big step towards the growth of the forming method of biological ???_???? as shown in composite man's mind.

Video action Kura GE can be found here.

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