Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Report: the partnership with Microsoft Windows RT hardware details.

By Humberto Saabedra 7/24/2012.

Logo for Microsoft Windows RTAccording to the Chinese-language China Times newspaper article, controversial controversies and controversial by structure and plan when it first starts Windows RT variant is first of Microsoft flagship surface Tablet Windows 8 will power Microsoft's Android Tablet details of the wave.

Delegate the chip starts with hardware partners and allowed two biggest chip maker per-bit hardware Odm partner with a unique setup of Microsoft licenses Windows rt.

Chip maker Texas instruments, Nvidia, Qualcomm: open alliance with TI and Toshiba while leaving the spot in its second partner, chose a partnership with Nvidia hardware in partnership with the previously released the Windows 8 tablet selected by Asus and Lenovo and Qualcomm, Samsung and now Dell's largest Odm HP in after initial planning.

Above report confirm Microsoft intentionally first tablet of due 10/26, in terms of hardware Windows RT suggests that you try to start.

Microsoft RT pills to fellow Windows Phone 8 lamp platform surface of the expected to launch around the same time as the pills from the manufacturers mentioned above is also now seems to be to hedge its bets in the surface leading to 11-release order.

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